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Wireless Intruder Alarms from GTek

The protection of your home and family is a priority. PowerMaster is quite simply the most advanced, user-friendly and reliable security alarm system available today.

PowerMaster is designed to give you greater security, convenience and control, with more security features than any other conventional alarm system. The PowerMaster system is accessible to nearly everyone, including the elderly and the physically challenged.

PowerMaster is easy to use. A voice prompt to guide you through the system settings and operations. The alarm system can provide a range of home control capabilities, such as scheduling the operation of lights and appliances, recording and playback of audio messages. It can also be set to notify you when your child comes home and disarms the system.

Home automation via your PowerMaster System, for the Secure, Smart and Friendly Living Environment of the 21st Century. PowerMaster Alarm Systems offer the following features:

Key Features

PowerG Wireless Technology

Delivers unmatched detection accuracy, long-lasting reliability, system robustness and ease of use

Multiple Intrusion Detection

Motion detection, door and window sensors, vibration & break glass detection


Audible Voice Notifications

The PowerMaster voice notifications make using this system a breeze and give added peace of mind


Total Protection

Protect against fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, natural gas and flooding

On Board Communications

Built-in PSTN dialer with optional 3G, GSM/GPRS and IP modules for communication and control

Remote Control

Control your entire system and get instant notifications from your smartphone

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Main Features

PowerMaster-30 G2 is a professional wireless security alarm system. Suitable for advanced security alarm monitoring applications and heavy duty operation, it has a superior range, extended battery life and unmatched wireless robustness. All devices are configured from the panel or from the wireless KP-250 keypad.

Two-way communication eliminates lost alarms and unnecessary re-transmissions
64 wireless zones
48 user codes
Supports partitions
Up to 48 hour back-up battery
Up to 2 wired zones, 1 wired siren and 1 programmable output
Built-in siren
Optional 3G, GSM/GPRS and IP modules
Avaliable in multiple languages
Audible voice notifications
Optional proximity reader
Remote software updates

KP-250 PG2 is a two-way wireless keypad that operates and communicates with PowerMaster-10, PowerMaster-30 and PowerMaster-33 panels.

Provides full user and installer menus
Enables complete view and control of the system while the panel is hidden
Optimizes installation time & efficiency
Integrated sounder
Wall-mounted or desktop, with back tamper
Proximity Tag reader
Available in multiple languages
Remote software updates

The MP-802 PG2 is an easy-to-install, dual-function PowerG Wireless Digital Pet Immune PIR Motion Detector – fully compatible with all PowerMaster systems. With exceptional motion detection and temperature monitoring performance, it offers security plus smart capabilities in one, with a sleek, contemporary look that blends in with any décor.

Detection range of up to 12 m (39 ft)
Motion and temperature detection in a single device
Advanced True Motion Recognition™ algorithm differentiates between intruders and other disturbances
Pet-immune – Target Specific Imaging™ distinguishes between humans and pets weighing up to 38 kg (85 lb)
Battery life of 6-8 years with typical use
Faster, easier installations and maintenance
Dimensions: 83 x 61 x 42 mm (3.27 x 2.4 x 1.66 in)

MC-302V PG2 is an extremely small and thin wireless magnetic contact transmitter, designed primarily for protecting doors and windows. When installed, the MC-302V PG2 is virtually unnoticeable and doesn’t interfere with home decoration. Fully compliant with international standards, the MC-302V PG2 is highly reliable wireless magnetic contact that compatible with PowerG alarm systems and is very easy to install and operate in a wide range of residential and commercial environments.

Large transmission range enabling repeater-free installations
Easy to install and remove
Prolonged battery life (3 years with typical use)
Dimensions: 62 x 25.4 x 7.7mm (2.45 x 1 x 0.3in)
Available in white and brown colours

KF-235 PG2 is a slim 4-button keyfob that is used to perform arming and disarming, emergency signaling, panic alarm and viewing the system status. It provides instant visual verification that the requested command has been successfully executed

One-click arming/disarming, emergency signaling, panic alarm and checking of system status
Visible signal quality indication shown on the device
Prolonged battery life (5 years with typical use)
Dimensions: 60 x 34.5 x 12.5mm (2.3 x 1.3 x 0.5in)

SR-740 HEX PG2 is a two-way wireless outdoor siren (IP55). It provides the perfect security solution for home owners with a PowerMaster system who are looking for an affordable and easy to install outdoor siren. It excels in offering cabling-free installation and optional extended time between battery changes.

Sleek design Hexagonal and robust weatherproof housing (IP55) with high power strobe light
Loud 110dB Piezo siren
Transmission range is far greater than the industry standard – enabling repeaterfree installations even in large premises
Extended battery life (8 years with typical use)
Visible signal quality indication shown on the device


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