Perimeter Alarms

Wireless Motion Alarm & Alert Systems

Perimeter Alarms

The market leading battery powered wireless motion alarm/alert system. It uses an infrared sensor that detects people and cars etc. up to 20 meters away and then transmits a wireless signal back to the receiver up to 900 meters away.

They’re often used to protect Farms, Driveways, Gardens, Perimeters, Church Roofs, Hospital Roofs, Diesel Tanks. Poultry, Wildlife Poaching, Compounds etc.

GTek CCTV Systems Specialise in the use of Wireless Transmission Equipment and can provide a number of simple and effective security solutions to suit any individual requirements.

It starts with the WMA kit, the heart of the system, consisting of one wireless battery powered detector and one receiver and this can be used for so many applications of which a few are listed below:

  • The arrival of a welcome visitor or customer
  • The presence of an unwelcome visitor
  • The unwanted wandering of a child towards danger
  • Perhaps the wandering off by a person with special needs
  • A wandering pet

The system can then be extended/customised for a whole range of applications.

The wireless vehicle probe detector is battery powered and is designed to activate when metal moves past it like cars tractors horse boxes etc, using this technology eliminates any false alarms that might trigger by large animals etc, upon activation it transmits a signal back to the receiver.

The wireless battery powered air hose system is designed to activate when a vehicle drives over it, the hose is designed to require the weight of a vehicle to compress it and then sends a signal back to the receiver.

The wireless battery powered temperature alert system is designed to trigger at a programmed high or low temperature, this can used for protecting plants, animals, staff areas, staff areas etc.

The auto GSM telephone dialler is designed to send a text or a voice message to 1-9 phone numbers, it operates from a mobile phone sim card thus it’s ideal if there’s not a telephone line near as in remote locations.

There is a whole range of additional accessories available to link to the system like strobe light or horns etc, there area flood alarms, pet tolerant PIR detectors, church roof alarms, pagers, etc the list goes on and on. Quite simply we probably have a solution to any requirement you have, so please contact us today and we will happy visit you to discuss your requirements and provided you with a quotation.

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