Covert Security

Disguised Devices for Covert CCTV

Covert Security

What is covert CCTV? Well it is basically where the CCTV system is covertly installed so persons or animals are not aware of its presence. Most commonly it takes the form of the actual cameras being very small and being located in positions that are not obvious.

If this isn’t the solution required there are almost endless possibilities of disguising cameras in clocks, boxes, toys, radios in fact almost anything you could think of.

People have very many reasons for installing covert CCTV systems, it varies from watching wildlife, child minders, abusive neighbours, vandalism, carers, workmen, anti social behaviour, staff etc the list is endless.

It all starts with finding an experienced installer, GTek CCTV Systems has installed numerous covert systems and to date boasts a 100% result rate combined with successful Court Prosecutions, we also have the experience to listen carefully to your needs and offer you several solutions that achieve the desired results.

It is imperative that you choose the right installer, get good advice and have the right equipment installed; you only usually get one chance to get a covert installation right, don’t take chances, call us today.

Please don’t forget, we can also supply systems only or we even offer a short term hire service, simply said, we cover all the bases, your one stop professional Company.

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